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Random hilarity

So I am flipping through "People" magazine at work this morning - what?! Don't judge me!! When I come across a full page ad for the second novel by a well-know...um...personality. I was going to say "author," but she's not exactly known for that.

That's right, Miss Jersey Shore herself, Snooki Polizzi, has a second book out. Did you know about this?!

I couldn't quite believe it, so I had to check on Amazon. Turns out, she's got a third book scheduled for release in March of next year. It seems sort of appropriate that Snooki's third book will be released just prior to the predicted end of the world. I'm sure if we scour enough prophesies, we will see somewhere that her becoming an author was, in fact, one of the portents of the apocalypse.

ANYWAY *drags self back to subject at hand* my point in telling you all of this is that...well, I had to read the reviews, on Amazon. Because that's what I do. If I've read a book I love, I go to Amazon to see what others have thought. If I've read something I'm iffy on, I need to have my opinion validated by Amazon. So I was curious to see what people would have to say about the Snooki booky. Sorry. Had to do it.

If you are in need of a laugh, go read the Amazon reviews of her first book, The Shore Thing. SO FUNNY. And generally, I don't like mean-spirited reviews, but these are not, necessarily. They are just laugh-out-loud funny.

Also...did you realize that it's only a week until Thanksgiving? Now I know that not all of you who read this celebrate the holiday, but...OMG. Because once we've cleared the Thanksgiving hurdle, we're only a hop, skip and a jump away from Christmas, and I am light years away from being ready for that particular holiday. Oy.

Finally, because I'm here and I want to: NaNo progress. It is being made! So far, the words are flowing and the story is just blossoming, and I feel so very pleased!! If you're NaNo-ing, friend me over there. I'm kimharn, or KimHarn...I don't think it's case-sensitive. But anyway, I'm hopeful that I'll actually complete it, and have something to work with when it's all said and done. : )


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Nov. 17th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
I'm so happy you're having a good Nano-experience!
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