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NaNo progress

I was actually nervous to join NaNo this year. My story idea is a fairly recent one, and hasn't had time to sort of simmer and develop yet...but anytime I sat down to write, this was the story that was at the front of my brain, clamoring to be written. So it seemed a logical choice.

There have been days where I sat down in front of the computer and thought "What the hell am I going to write now?!" But usually, a little thought, a brief re-read, and something would come to me. Sometimes, I have to dredge every word up from the murky depths. And sometimes, when you dredge long enough, you loosen things up, and the words start coming on their own, bobbing up like shiny treasures from the deep.

And those days are good.

Because today was one of those days, and I am feeling pleased, I wanted to share my progress with you. And NaNo, knowing writers and how fond we are of bars and meters and widgets as they do, has just the tool for me. Voila!

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