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February says RAWR!

I mean, February? Already?

Life churns on in its usual froth of chaos. Things are reasonably good of late: there are no catastrophes or health crises to report, so YAY me! I have even *gasp* been writing, a bit.

The reluctant story has started whispering to me, from the corner of its mouth. So I write down what it tells me.

I have decided, for this story, to do something different. Inspired in part by a friend who is a writer, and who is taking the better part of a year to journal as each of her characters, I've decided to do a journal for my book that I'm working on. At first, I was going to totally rip off her idea...but then I started thinking about art journals, and how much of the inspiration for this particular story has come from visual images that would work well with that format.

Interestingly, I haven't actually made the journal yet, but just having the idea of it has sort of loosened things up enough to get the story flowing again. Not in leaps in bounds, but in trickles, which is definitely preferable to the nothingness of before.

Revisions on CM, which keep appearing on my to-do list, keep not happening - and in all honesty, it's not due to reluctance on my part!! It really is just the madness of RL lately.

Who knew that as the kids got older, the ride would go faster? I'm sure many of you did, but not one of you saw fit to warn me. Thanks a lot! ; ) So yeah, I am tightening my seatbelt for all I'm worth and holding on as the scenery blurs.

There is a big project at the school that I'm involved in...OK, really, it's a science fair. My friend is a science teacher and spearheaded the whole thing and of course I couldn't say no when she asked for help, so that is taking up large-sized chunks of my free time. Once that is over on Friday, I'm hoping to be able to give some serious attention to these revisions/rewrites, and actually produce something marketable.

Or at least something that I can look at and call "finished" and mean it. ; )


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Feb. 7th, 2012 03:46 pm (UTC)
School is a huge time-suck -- it's hard to believe that I'm not actually still in school!
Feb. 8th, 2012 09:25 am (UTC)
I saw this yesterday but was too feeble to leave a comment. It can be so hard to make anything stick in the whirlwind of being everything to everyone. I hope you do get some clear space soon so you can unleash all that pent-up creativity.

I'm feeling so 'un' at the moment. Un-everything. As we were talking about in my blog. It's like I'm typing these words and I don't even know if they make any sense. You'd think this would be a nice, detached, floaty, alcoholic feeling but actually...not so much.

Hope the science fair goes well!
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