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Pre-holiday drive-by

So yes, I have been awful about posting. But the sad truth is...I haven't had much to say, or, for that matter, much time to say it in.

I appear to be having a fallow time.

I finished NaNo, and shortly thereafter, the novel I was working on. I've also gotten most of the feedback back on the novel I sent out, and it went something like: "Broken. Fix."

No, seriously, it was far more constructive than that. But sort of boiled down to the same thing...

So I decided to give myself the rest of the year off, being, in reality, a few short weeks.

But now I have that sort of itchy feeling, like I want to write something? Only every time I try? Fail. I bore myself before I even get started.

So I guess I'm really going to give myself the rest of the year off, and hope that the itch amounts to something after the close of the year, and that I don't just need to get myself an antifungal.

In other news: HOLIDAY MADNESS!!! But you all know what I'm talking about. Which may be part of the reason for the utter lack of wordage. Shopping is like...98% done - and yes, I know that today is Thursday and Christmas is SUNDAY. *gulp* I have a plan,and it involves a kamikaze shopping trip today, and finishing or dying trying.

But the wrapping...*sigh*

With 1/2 day at school tomorrow, and my presence required at one holiday party, tomorrow is a write-off. Saturday, we go to my mother's and celebrate Christmas. Sunday, after opening our own gifts at home,we stop by my sister's to see my Dad, and then truck off to my in-laws. Fun and relaxing, right? Let's not forget that there is NO spare time for say...wrapping gifts in there. So either I do it today, or we pull a few all-nighters between now and Christmas to get it done.

Guess which one will probably end up happening?

Every year I tell myself "Next year, I'll be more organized!"

And every year, Christmas rolls around and I'm there blinking and stunned going "How did that happen?"


Some people never learn.

Anyway, I hope you all have festive, joyful holidays completely devoid of stress of any sort!!

Talk to you in the New Year...


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Dec. 22nd, 2011 10:26 pm (UTC)
'Every year I tell myself "Next year, I'll be more organized!"'

I resemble that remark ...
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